Available Photos

Event and N photos are not included in any scouting.

Dancing Petals Easter Parade

Sweet Valentine's Live Show

New Year's Feast

Holy Night Santa Claus

School Festival Live

Secret Halloween Nightmare

Tokyo Game Show

Idols at the Mall

My Only Prince

Glittering Summer Festival Night

Marine Festival

Caught in the Rain

Monotone Style / Color Coordinated

Fantasy Circus

Shining Sports Day

Grateful White Day

Suits Style / Dressed to Impress

Happiness Valentine / Happy Valentine's

Force Live / Exclusive Music Video

New Year Perfomance

Snowy Night Christmas Live

Special Drama Odorokiman

Autumn Basic Style / Basic Autumn Style

Sweet Cafe

Magical Halloween Live

Shining Kingdom

Beach Summer Live! / Summer Beach Show

Shining Super Stars

Shining Live

Dancing with Stars

Listen to Music / Listening to Music

Cooking Style / Kitchen Chic

Shining TV Style

Lesson Style / Gym Trendy

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